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90 Degree Residential | Established 2012

Builder's License - BC104744

Where size doesn't matter...

Our Services

At 90 Degree Residential, we specialise in tiny homes on wheels, as well as boutique-style cabins and studios. Experience an affordable and sustainable, yet comfortable lifestyle now!

Choose from one of our base plan designs as is, or tweak it to add your personal touch. We can also take on your ideas and create your custom dream home, with the option to build a complete off-grid solution.

Looking for a boutique-style cabin or studio? Our licensed builder will take care of everything from start to finish, keeping the process absolutely hassle-free. An economical housing option, granny flats up to 70m squared are permissible as an ancillary dwelling.

We are passionate about building energy efficient homes to reduce our footprint on the environment. We are also passionate about developing relationships with our clients, taking you through our step-by-step design process with a 3D render so you can visualise before making any final decisions. 


Contact us to get started.

Tiny Homes on Wheels
& Cabin Options

Below is an idea of a tiny home and granny flat/cabin build. All totally customisable, choose from a 6m Air BnB ground level bedroom model, 7.2m ground or loft bedroom, or our 8.1m ground or loft bedroom. We are passionate about sustainability and offer complete off-grid solutions that will enable you to greatly reduce your ongoing living costs. Our off-grid solutions include solar power systems, composting toilets, rainwater harvesting and greywater systems. 


Forget the hassle of paperwork, our licensed builder will take care of building approval for your granny flat, cabin or studio and comply with the National Construction Code of Australia. At 90 Degree Residential, we focus on creating your ideal living space right there with you, taking you through our design process where you can visualise the tiny home or cabin with a 3D render.


Tiny Homes on Wheels
from $99,000

Granny Flat, Studios or Cabins
from $89,000

Searching for affordable housing, and an effortless solution with no need for building approval? Our Tiny Homes on Wheels are the complete package deal! Fully equipped and built custom for your specific needs. 

6m Air BnB Model

Want extra income? Or a small space self-contained for friends or family to stay? The 6m Air BnB Model is the perfect addition for you. Complete with a ground-level queen bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and chill space, it will provide cosy but comfortable stays.

- From $99,000

- 6m x 2.5m x 4.3m

7.2m Ground or Loft Model

The 7.2m is the perfect middle-sized tiny home where you can choose to have a queen sized ground level bedroom or loft. 

- From $109,000

- 7.2m x 2.5m x 4.3m

​8.1m Ground or Loft Model

The 8.1m provides more space to live this minimalistic lifestyle without sacrificing comfort.

- From $129,000

- 7.2m x 2.5m x 4.3m

On the hunt for a boutique-style granny flat, studio, or cabin? At 90 Degree Residential, we have you covered!

This option is suitable to be a primary or secondary residence, either transportable or built on-site if it is over 4m wide. 

Starting from only $89,000 for a 6m x 3m, possibilities are endless! Let us know what size you are after and we will work together until you are completely satisfied with the design. Join us on a virtual walkthrough of a 3D render to have your thoughts and ideas put into reality. 

Forget the hassle of paperwork, our licensed builder will take care of building approval and comply with the National Construction Code of Australia.

Contact us now to tell us your ideas!

6 Braidwood Elbow-25.jpg

8.1m Banksia - Queen Loft Bedroom

11.6m x 6m Braidwood - 1 Bedroom Studio

6 Braidwood Elbow-22.jpg


Wow Marty and his team were fantastic! They did such an amazing job on our timber decking - such wonderful work ethic and would highly recommend them! Thanks guys Adam & Sylvia

Sylvia Kaczmarczyk


Denmark, Western Australia 6333

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