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Personalised Service

90 Degree started as a small building company in 2012. We are a boutique business and we care for our clients. From your first contact, you’ll notice that we offer a personal touch to everything we do. We maintain a close dialogue with you through every step of the journey to your dream home.


We know that every building project is unique, and that building your dream home can be complicated and emotional. We give you the flexibility to adapt your designs as the project evolves, without costs escalating out of control.


We offer fixed-price contracts with no gimmicks and no hidden costs. We also pride ourselves on making smart decisions to keep costs down. This includes leveraging strong relationships with our suppliers, and minimising overheads.


We take pride in our reputation and won’t compromise on quality. This applies equally to the quality of our materials, our workmanship and our superior customer service. We aim to exceed your expectations so that you’ll recommend 90 Degree to your friends.


We tailor our inclusions to the needs of each individual home and budget, and offer you the choice of quality products that will ensure your home has the finishing touch it deserves. You can speak with directly with our architects about your custom needs.


We only use reputable suppliers with a clear commitment to sustainability. We minimise waste by carefully recycling any left over building materials where possible. By doing this, less goes to landfill and reduces our footprint.

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