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90 Degree Residential is dedicated to crafting tiny homes and granny flats that not only embrace minimalism but also eco-friendly living. Our commitment to sustainable living is reflected in our thoughtfully designed homes.

Choose to go off-grid by upgrading your tiny home or granny flat to using solar systems and generators, composting toilets, water storage tanks, gutters and filtration systems, grey water and grease trap systems. 

🌿 Sustainability: Our tiny homes and granny flats are designed with the environment in mind. We use sustainable materials and construction practices to minimise our ecological footprint.


☀️Off-grid Living:  Our tiny homes can be built to offer you freedom to live off the grid without sacrificing comfort. Embrace the sun shining and the rain falling, knowing you are harnessing what nature has to offer.

🔄 Waste Reduction: We take pride in reducing our waste. Any waste is recycled in local recycling facilities to ensure minimal impact on the environment.


🌐  High Quality: Our tiny homes and granny flats are built to the highest standards and we believe in quality over quantity.

🌡️ Energy Efficiency: We have created designs with optimal energy efficiency to reduce your heating and cooling needs, keeping you comfortable while minimising energy consumption.

Our workshop is powered by solar energy and equipped with rainwater harvesting so your tiny home is on track to being net zero right from the start,

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